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Our Expertise

Live Animals

The transportation of Live Animals is a specialty of LAN CARGO, with more than fifty years of experience successfully transporting various species, from bees to elephants.

Different species of animals are transported daily on both domestic and international routes, following high standards of service and ensuring that the animals receive the care they need on the way to their destination.

Live Animals are transported onboard aircraft that allow them to safely and comfortably travel, in accordance with the regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), as well as those of other important international organizations.

Among other specialties, LAN CARGO has become an expert in the transportation of polo horses mainly from Argentina.


Argentina exports horses primarily for polo. This country is one of the few breeders and one of the largest exporters. These thoroughbred animals have been perfected through breeding and taming as required for this sport.

Markets and Seasonality

The main destinations for polo horses are the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia.  Although, a particular season has not been defined, these horses are mainly transported to North America between December and January and to Europe from March to June.


During 2011, approximately 1800 horses were transported from Argentina, with 55% of that amount exported to Europe s. Colombia and the U.S. (Miami) were the next most important destinations.
LAN CARGO carried 400 horses, reaching a market share of 20% together with the European airline, Lufthansa.

Transportation Characteristics

Horses are transported inside special open or closed containers where the animal can stand up naturally and receive ventilation.
The horses generally travel with caregivers, either "grooms", or veterinarians. To remain calm during the flight, they might be lightly sedated, and are equipped with enough water and food for the journey.