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Lan Lancargo Idiomas Lan Lancargo Idiomas

This is the Lan Lancargo Idiomas portlet.



Products and Solutions


Our courier service offers agencies specializing in parcel service andexpeditious and reliable transportation between airports in any location of our extensive network.


If the shipment does not meet the following requirements, please contact your local office.

-Weight per package shall not exceed 50 kg (110 lbs.).

-The sum of the length, width and height of the parcel must not exceed 254 cm (100 in.) as detailed below*:

  • Maximum length: 239 cm (94 in)
  • Maximum width: 147 cm (58 in)
  • Maximum height: 157 cm (62 in)

*Weight and dimensions may vary by country. Please contact your local Sales Office for details.

Available Products

When your express freight requires a higher or lower priority, LAN CARGO offers customers the opportunity to combine the regular and priority products described below.





Our promise

The highest priority and commitment to guarantee boarding on the specific flight booked.

The highest priority and commitment to ensure boarding on the first freighter flight available to the requested destination.

Regular and reliable service that allows access to all flights.


Direct passenger flights only.

Direct cargo flights only.

All flights.


100% refund (See terms and conditions).

50% refund (See terms and conditions).

Not applicable.


Reservation and Air Waybill (AWB)

At the time of booking the shipper must state that Courier service is required.  Additionally, the field of "Handling Information" in the AWB must show that Courier service is selected.  The shipment will otherwise be handled as General Cargo.



Liquids or Fragile Shipments

Accepted only out of the bags and under a single Air Waybill (unconsolidated).They must also comply with the appropriate packaging for the product type shipped.


Accepted only out of the bags.

Dangerous Goods (DGR)

Not accepted as Courier. Exceptions: DGR: UN1845 – UN3373 – UN2814 – UN2900. Accepted only out of the bags and under a single Air Waybill (unconsolidated). The shipment is subject to flight availability and approval by the Dangerous Goods Department at the station.

Live animals

Not accepted as Courier. 

For more information on the features of these products, please contact your local Office