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Lan Lancargo Idiomas Lan Lancargo Idiomas

This is the Lan Lancargo Idiomas portlet.



Personal Shipments


You can easily and efficiently send Parcels of the following items to different cities around the world.

  • Luggage: Includes shipment of personal effects to other cities and transportation of excess baggage.
  • Electronics: Computers, televisions, and digital cameras, among others.
  • Telephone: Digital telephones, cell phones, and accessories.
  • Vehicles: Spare parts for motorcycles, automobiles, among others.
  • Others: Books, CDs, and other items.


  1. Take your Parcel or luggage to the nearest LAN CARGO Drop Off Station.
  2. Fill out the applicable forms.  In some cities, two photo identifications must be presented along with the forms. 
  3. If you wish to carry personal effects, such as luggage, you must make the payment at origin by check or cash. Payment for other types of Parcels can be made at the final destination.
  4. Inform yourself by contacting the LAN CARGO warehouse and the applicable customs offices at the points of origin and destination to obtain information on additional requirements and payment options.