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Asparagus has become the main principal agricultural high-value export by airplane from Peru, turning this country into one of the most important producers and exporters of this crop worldwide. While the largest producer of Asparagus is China, Peru is the largest and principal exporter of fresh Green Asparagus in the world, which has put it in first position in the export of this product, surpassing China and European countries.

In Peru there are two types of Asparagus: White Asparagus, which grows underground and is used mainly for canning, although a small percentage of it is exported fresh, and Green Asparagus, mainly exported fresh by air to different markets. This product is grown in different sizes, the thickest being preferred by European markets, while the medium and thin sized is primarily exported to North America.

Peru's main target markets for the export of Green Asparagus are the same countries that import of Peru: Of Green Asparagus are the United States (64%), Spain (11%), Netherlands (8%) and England (8%), which are the main target markets for the export of this vegetable.  Other markets such as Australia and Asia are also relevant markets with have important seasonal demands.


Peru has a significant competitive advantages compared to other exporting countries, since it has a very favorable climate and geographical location with a high yield that is not duplicated, which does not occur elsewhere.

The majority of crops are found along the coast of Peru, especially in the regions of Ica, Lima, Ancash and La Libertad. This dispersion of productive zones allows year-round production, which becomes providing a significant advantage over other exporters of Asparagus.

Harvesting and Marketing

The Asparagus industry follows high quality standards, leading to an extraordinary product, which is supported by a continuous international demand. Asparagus is processed in plants and exported following the highest standards to the most demanding markets. The fields and processing plants are also subject to various audits by international certifiers.

There were 107,000 tons of Asparagus exported during 2010, with an increase during 2011 and this year has been increasing, that resulted in hoping to generate more than U.S. $800 million for 2011 in sales. The current figures already show an increase of 16% during this period.

One of the essential features for the successfully transport of this product, is maintaining it at an appropriate temperature must be maintained, which allows the Asparagus it to keep most efficiently, without losing its unique attributes.

LAN CARGO and Asparagus

LAN CARGO has several years of experience transporting Asparagus which has allowed us to manage this delicate product and its market. Working together along with freight forwarders, warehouses, exporters and receivers of highest quality standards, meeting the quality requirements of various markets and reaching destinations such as Asia and Oceania.

Today, LAN CARGO is the main airline for the transportation of Asparagus to North America and has captured the fastest growing European market. It is currently the only Company in Peru that carries this product to all five continents.

The diversity of routes operated by LAN CARGO from Lima allows a greater number of destinations than any other competitor.  In addition, the network of flights of LAN CARGO's network and its affiliates offers connection alternatives when seasonal loads increase, thereby offering complete solutions to customers.

To provide high quality services where a cold chain is maintained, LAN CARGO operates with two major cargo warehouses specializing in perishable goods.  The first is Frio Aereo, with a cool environment of more than 2.900 m2, located strategically at Jorge Chavez International Airport and with direct access to the ramp, where perishables exports such as asparagus, flowers, mangoes, grapes, peas, varied fruits, among others, are stored.  To fulfill this service, thorough quality control, safety and traceability are performed, to avoid breaking the cold chain. Frio Aereo, with over ten years experience in the market, has established itself as a leader in refrigerated storage and the handling of perishable products for export.

Cold Air has ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, BASC v.3, GS1, DGAC certifications and also offers various products (agro-inputs) within its commercial program, such as band/straps, boxes, thermometers, plastic pallets, thermal blankets, plastic and anti-insect netting, etc.

The second warehouse is Talma-Aquarius, a leading airport services business that has a team specialized in the handling of perishable cargo, quality inspectors, a closed circuit television system and four X-ray machines. Its facilities, located at Lima Cargo City, are among the most modern in Latin America and have 11,000 cubic meters of cold chambers, humidification systems, pushback systems and direct access to Jorge Chavez International Airport.

LAN CARGO, along with its affiliates, operates in Peru and is one of the first companies in the aviation sector in Latin America with ISAGO certification (Safety Audit of Ground Operations) of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Also, since 2004, it has fulfilled three important norms (ISO 9001 - 14001 and OHSAS 18001).