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The main Flower exporters in Latin America are Colombia and Ecuador.  For both countries, floriculture is a fundamental part of its economy, making it its first non-traditional agricultural export.

Colombia is the leading exporter of Flowers in Latin America. It has about seven thousand hectares of different types, most importantly roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums, among others.

This country has been exporting Flowers for over forty years and its main export crops are located in the vicinity savanna of Bogota, the Rio Negro area in Antioquia, Viejo Caldas and Valle del Cauca department.

During 2010, Flower exports generated about U.S. $1,250 million, becoming the second largest exported product in that country, after coffee.

Ecuador is the second largest exporter of this product in the region. Thanks to its climate and location, it generates the perfect conditions for growing all kinds of Flowers, especially high quality roses.

This country has about four thousand hectares, with 2,500 dedicated to roses. The provinces where floriculture is centered are Pichincha, Cotopaxi, Imbabura and Azuay.

During the first semester of 2011, Flower exports in Ecuador increased by almost 6% more than in 2010, producing approximately 51,000 tons of different varieties.

To be successful in this business, transportation and logistics are essential, since these products require the utmost care and quality control to properly maintain this product.

LAN CARGO and its specialized storage

At El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, LAN CARGO’s affiliate in Colombia, Linea Aerea Carguera de Colombia S.A., offers modern facilities for the handling of this product.  The local warehouse features a new refrigerated are of 2,120 m2, with a temperature control system that uses a next-generation software.

The warehouse has nineteen cargo bay doors for reception of cargo, including eight with direct access to the cooler, and the ability to receive / store cargo on skids, which allow cold air flow and limit the time of exposure of palletized loads.  In addition, the warehouse unloads trucks in less than 60 minutes, uses a door management software system, and offers an exports counter.

The latest technology is used to preserve shipments of this important and delicate product.

At Miami International Airport, LAN CARGO has an 8,360m2 cooler (the largest cold-storage facility of a foreign airline in a US airport), with a capacity to store and refrigerate up to 400 tons of freight.  Delivery and customer service is offered through 40 truck loading doors, 24 hours a day/seven days a week, as well as cargo processing information online through E -Tracking.

Thanks to the cargo fleet and access to the cargo holds of passenger aircraft, both of latest generation, LAN CARGO and its affiliates provide wide coverage to various destination and deliver solutions in the event demand significantly increases.

In addition, the Companies have Boeing 777F, the most modern aircraft of its kind, used almost exclusively for the transportation of Flowers.

As a result of all this, LAN CARGO and its affiliates are leaders in the transportation of Flowers from Colombia and Ecuador to the world.