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    LAN CARGO brings Africa to Chile. The challenge of transporting 12 tons of artworks from Germany.

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Fuel and Security Surcharges Fuel and Security Surcharges

International | Europe

Fuel: US$ 1.40/kg min US$ 5.00
Security: US$ 0.15/kg min US$ 25.00

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Fuel: € 0.95kg
Security: € 0.15/kg

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Affiliated Companies Affiliated Companies

  TAM Cargo

LAN CARGO and its affiliates transport more than 9,000 tons of flowers for Valentine's Day

LAN CARGO and its affiliates will transport more than 15 million bouquets of flowers all over the world during the four week flower rush that leads up to Valentine's Day - the peak season for flower exports The Company moves 32% and 40% of flowers produced in Colombia and Ecuador respectively at this time of year representing around 9,400 tons.

Asset Publisher Asset Publisher

Intermodal 2014

TAM Cargo marks presence at the South America Intermodal Fair

In this 20th version, the company introduced its investment plan and    received nearly a thousand people at its stand, conditioned with four    meeting rooms to cater to customers.

In Sao Paulo, between April 1 and 3, took place the South America Intermodal Fair, the largest and most important trade fair in Latin America for the areas of logistics, freight and foreign trade.

At the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo around 600 exhibiting brands from over 20 different countries met, including TAM Cargo, one of the companies of the Cargo Unit LATAM Airlines Group.

Held every year, 2014 celebrated its 20th version receiving over 50,000 visitors from all over the world, including the TAM Cargo team and representatives from all offices of LAN CARGO.

This year, the TAM Cargo booth had four meeting rooms so customers could converse with executives, raise doubts and design new business plans from the large network and range of products and services offered by the company. In the three day activity around 1,000 visits were received at the stand, surpassing the previous years' call.

In this opportunity, TAM Cargo presented its investment plan focused on the infrastructure improvements it has in other cities of the country.

For Pablo Navarrete, CEO of TAM Cargo, the company's presence at this event is extremely important, because "it is an excellent opportunity to strengthen our networks, and show the benefits and wide connectivity of our enterprise to potential clients, project new businesses and also know where the industry is at. We are able to share with 600 exhibitors and attract a target audience of 50 thousand visitors, which forces us to be at the forefront in offering products and services".


The projection of TAM Cargo

One of the objectives of the company was to present the investment plan that will strengthen its leadership in the country and continue to grow.


Oriented to growth and improvement of the load infrastructure for the domestic grid, TAM Cargo expects to realize this 2014 a total investment of $20 million dollars, strengthening the operation of its main hubs: Brasilia, Manaos, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, plus another 20 terminals the company has in the country.