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Lan Lancargo Idiomas Lan Lancargo Idiomas

This is the Lan Lancargo Idiomas portlet.





LAN CARGO and its affiliates continuously invest to improve its infrastructure enhance the services offered to its customers and to maintain their commitment with export sectors worldwide.

Among the recent infrastructure investments:

  • Cooler Facility in Santiago, Chile: A facility of 516 sq.ft. at Santiago, Chile's international airport, which allows for the proper maintenance of perishable products and the preservation of the cold chain for these types of shipments.
  • Cooler Facility in Colombia:  LAN CARGO's subsidiary in Colombia, Linea Aerea Carguera de Colombia has a 409 sq.ft. warehouse in Medellin with a capacity for more than 50 tonnes of cargo. The space also features two loading docks and a modern cooling system. Furthermore, the Linea Aerea Carguera de Colombia inaugurated at Bogota's El Dorado International Airport a 64,583 sq.ft. warehouse with state-of-the art technology.
  • Modern Facilities in Miami, USA: The cargo facilities in Miami offer access over 548,960 sq.ft, with a 86,111 sq.ft. cooler for the storage of perishables. The space comprises of modern import and export terminals, a large cold storage area, additional warehouse space and offices.  It is the largest warehouse that a foreign airline has at an airport in this country.
  • Main Point Facilities: Have the equipment for handling, management and preservation of cargo, with the highest standards of quality and technology.