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Personal Shipments


LAN CARGO has extensive and recognized experience in the transportation of Pets, taking care of every detail to ensure that they reach their destination safely.

There are several requirements that must be met for the shipment of Pets, depending on whether the flight is domestic or international, which may be confirmed in any LAN CARGO Offices.

Requirements for Shipping Pets as Cargo

  1. For domestic transportation within Chile, no documentation is required, except when necessary, health certificates or certificate from a veterinarian in the case of animals less than 12 weeks old, indicating that the animal can be transported, especially in the case of those breeds that are more susceptible to dehydration.
  2. Pets must be weaned and be at least two months old.
  3. You must have an appropriate crate to transport your Pet. In some cities, LAN CARGO offers a crate rental service.

The crate must have the following characteristics: 

  • Allow the animal to stand with the head normally erect.
  • Allow the animal to lie down fully extended.
  • Allow the animal to turn around within the cage.
  • The ventilation holes should occupy at least one third of the upper surface of the cage.  Meanwhile, the front door should be made of bars or mesh from top to bottom to ensure air circulation and allow the animal to breath easily.
  • Drinking water must be provided.
  • Pet food must be provided outside of the crate.

4. A certificate from a veterinarian issued within ten days prior to the flight, certifying that the Pet is in good health and that all vaccines (including rabies) have been administered.

5. Submit phytosanitary certificate issued by the Agricultural and Livestock Service, in the event the Customs authorities require it.

6. Check with the consulate of the destination country about sanitary or customs documentation required by the destination country (Linked to item 5.).

7. The customer is responsible for the compliance of these and any other requirements that apply to the private transportation of animals at the points of origin, transit, and at final destination of the Pet.

Flight Date

  1. Feed your Pet before leaving for the airport.
  2. Place a diaper or other absorbent material on the floor of the crate.
  3. The use of sedation or tranquilizers is not recommended for air travel. If your veterinarian proposes a small dose of a tranquilizer, you must tape a certificate to the container indicating the following: scientific name of the drug, amount administered, and time of administration and duration of effects.
  4. The crate should have a container with accessible water for the Pet that can be refilled from the outside and must be secured to the crate so that it will not tip.
  5. If food is needed during the trip, you can place it on the outside of the container with instructions for the carrier so that the animal can be fed in the event of a delay.
  6. The delivery of the Pet for the flight must be coordinated with LAN CARGO.

Prior to shipment of the Pet, LAN CARGO staff will:

  1. Verify that your Pet meets the requirements listed above before being transported.
  2. The crate, with the Pet inside, will be weighed and measured. Air waybill issuance.
  3. Services are charged and must be paid at origin.

In the Air

The Pet will travel at room temperature, a comfortable environment for the animal.


The client must coordinate with the recipient and inform them of the flight arrival time, so that the Pet can be cleared through customs as soon as possible under the circumstances.


The total fee applicable to the transportation of the Pet must be paid at the point of origin. Any other related costs can be paid at origin or destination, e.g.: customs fees, etc.

Create Rental Available for Domestic Flights in Chile

LAN CARGO has a crate rental service available only for domestic flights. If you need one, you should request it through the Call Center (phone 600 300 5000), at least 48 hours before departure. The customer must bring a blanket or cloth to cover the floor of the cage.  The stock of cages is limited, therefore an alternative, in case there is no availability at the time of shipment is recommended.

Note: LAN CARGO recommends that individuals wishing to ship their Pets on international flights do so during weekdays, to ensure that the cargo warehouses are open.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our pet experts:

Miami Carlos Valdés,
Lina González
+1 786 265 6179
+1 786 265 6168
+1 786 265 6169
New York

Yessica Reyes


Yuberqui Madera

+1 800 733 2445
+1 718 656 7340
option 2, Ext. 2211

+1 800 733 2445
+1 718 656 7340
option 2, Ext. 2224

Lima Contact Center +51 1 411 8200
Buenos Aires Contact Center +0810 333 5262
All other cities