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Lan Lancargo Idiomas Lan Lancargo Idiomas

This is the Lan Lancargo Idiomas portlet.



Personal Shipments


LAN CARGO is an excellent alternative for your timely move.

Service Features

  • Transportation of furniture and personal objects from one airport to another.
  • Does not include packing of items to be transported. 
  • Does not include processing of the required documentation for the transportation of the cargo.

Most countries require that the documentation, indicated below, de certified by the Consulate of the country of origin and destination of the Shipment. Contact the applicable consulate to learn about these requirements.


  • It is the responsibility of the shipper to submit a letter from the Consulate of the country of origin, providing information on the Shipment of personal belongings depending on existing regulations, some of these personal belongings may be exempt from taxes, with the support of this documentation.
  • You must submit a detailed listing of all the belongings to be transported.
  • The cargo must be delivered to the local LAN CARGO Drop Off Station at least three days prior to the shipment date.
  • Payment must be made at origin, in cash or check.


  • Containers are not accepted for Shipment  

For more information, please contact our Call Center.