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Lan Lancargo Idiomas Lan Lancargo Idiomas

This is the Lan Lancargo Idiomas portlet.



Cargo FAQ´s

  • Q & A Specific to International Cargo


    1.       How will the cargo business operate with the creation of LATAM Airlines Group S.A. (association of LAN and TAM)?

    Effective August 1, 2012 TAM international flights, originating in Brazil, will be marketed by ABSA and flights to Brazil will be marketed by LAN CARGO, on behalf of LAN, through block space agreements between the companies. 

    Information on the integration process and how to access products and services will be available on the websites of LAN CARGO, ABSA and TAM Cargo.

    2.       How will cargo customers benefit from the LATAM Airlines Group?

    The association of LAN and TAM will bring significant benefits to our customers, including access to the largest network of routes in Latin America, with connections to all major destinations throughout  the world, a modern infrastructure, increased capacity (combining both passenger and freighter aircraft), and a wide range of domestic and international products and services. Customers will have access to advanced technological tools that deliver traceability of shipments, such as e-tracking, and soon e-booking. Teams with vast industry experience, an integrated know-how, who understand and respond to the needs of our customers.

    LATAM Airlines Group, we will be the leading cargo network in Latin America, offering our services to 169 destinations in 27 countries.

    3.       Should I expect any change in service or commercial terms as a result of the association between LAN and TAM?

    LATAM Airlines Group will provide a service of excellence, improving transportation options, meeting our customer's requirements and always looking to offer the most competitive conditions possible.

    4.       How can I get LAN AIRLINES air waybills?  

    As of July 2, 2012 you will be contacted, directly or through CASS, to provide you with LAN AIRLINES physical or numerical air waybills, and/or to replace TAM air waybills (957) that you might have in your possession.

    You can also request physical or numerical air waybills at

    5.       If I already have a credit line with TAM Cargo, is it valid to operate with LAN CARGO?

    Credit terms established with TAM Cargo will remain in effect until the corresponding Credit Departments perform a new evaluation.

    6.       If I already have a credit line with LAN CARGO and have now added the operation with TAM, will my credit line increase automatically?

    Each case will be assessed separately. For more information contact the corresponding Sales office.

    7.       I have TAM air waybills, what should I do with them?

    Effective August 1, 2012, TAM air waybills will no longer be used.   As of July 2, 2012, you will be contacted directly or through CASS, to provide physical or numerical air waybills to replace the TAM (957) air waybills that you have in your possession.

    8.       I have never shipped with LAN CARGO, how do I become a customer?

    If you are a customer of TAM Cargo, you will be automatically considered as a customer of LAN CARGO.

    9.       I only have an existing contract with TAM Cargo, is it valid to operate with LAN CARGO?

    All customer contracts will be reviewed and new commercial conditions will be negotiated.  

    10.    I am currently shipping with TAM Cargo and LAN CARGO, which contract will prevail?

    All customer contracts will be reviewed and new commercial conditions will be negotiated.

    11.    I have an allotment with TAM Cargo, what will happen with it?

    Allotments will be analyzed within the general review of commercial conditions.

    12.   What policy on Security Surcharge and Fuel Surcharge will apply?

    The current policy of the carrier (of air waybill being used) will apply.

    13.   In which office should I make my reservations?

    For LAN CARGO, flight reservations remain as usual.

    For TAM Cargo, the booking process will depend on the flight and booking dates:

    For TAM flights prior to August 1,  2012:

    -           Reservations must be made through TAM Cargo, with a TAM air waybill.

    For TAM flights on or after August 1, 2012:

    -          Bookings made on or prior to July 15,  2012, must be made through TAM Cargo.

    -          Bookings made from July 16,  2012 onwards, through LAN CARGO.

    14.    If shipping with LAN CARGO air waybill, can I track the status of the shipment on the TAM CARGO website?

    The integration of the websites will be done in stages. In the first period, inquiries on air waybill status should be made on each airline's respective website.