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First time with LAN CARGO

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First time with LAN CARGO

Dear Customer:

Welcome to LAN CARGO! This section is designed to help you find quick and specific answers to your questions related to products and services offered by LAN CARGO and its affiliates.

The Company offers clients air cargo transportation services from airport to airport.  An efficient and modern fleet of cargo aircarft, as well as the cargo holds of passenger aircraft the Company has access to, provide the most comprehensive coverage between Latin America and the rest of the world.

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  • How To Start Using LAN CARGO'S Services

    1. Freight Forwarders

    If you represent a freight forwarding company please contact the LAN CARGO’sOffice nearest to the place of origin.

    2. Personal Shipments

    Visit the section Personal Shipments where you will find information about:

    a. Pets: Your pet can fly safely and reach quickly its final destination.

    b. Relocation: Transport your personal belongings and furniture with LAN CARGO’s excellent and timely service.

    c. Parcel: Send parcels to different cities around the world.


    3. Solutions and Products:

    Access the diverse Products and Solutions that LAN CARGO offers including:

    a. General Cargo: Non-perishable goods that require special treatment.

    b. Perishables: Cargo that maintains its original state for a short period, for example seeds, fruits, vegetables, fresh flowers, meats, among others.

    c. Dangerous Goods: Cargo that requires special attention and must comply with various governmental requirements to be transported by air.

    d. Pharmaceuticals: A comprehensive service that minimizes the time that the cargo is outside of the cold chain.

    e. Live Animals all kinds of animals are transported on domestic and international routes, following the highest standards of quality.

    f. Charters and Special Projects: for customers that require a full or partial aircraft to ship cargo to places not regularly operated or those that need a more flexible schedule.

    g. Courier: Provides preferential priority boarding on flights for customers specializing in parcel delivery.

    h. Special Solutions: Find information about shipments of Valuable goodsOversized cargo or Difficult to Handle cargo, Mail and; transportation of Human Remains.

  • Our expertise

    LAN CARGO is recognized for its expertise in three main areas: Connectivity in Latin America, transportation of Perishables and shipments of Live Animals.

  • Variety of Tools Offered

    LAN CARGO offers several Shipping Tools that deliver relevant flight information, including:

    a. Cut-off Times: Time limit when cargo must be received to be considered on the booked flight.

    b. ULDs: Unit Load Devices. Standard items such as pallets or containers used to load cargo on the aircraft.

    e. Freighter Calculations: This tool will assist you with the calculations of the "weight volume" (chargeable weight) of your cargo.

    f. CO2 Calculator: Data on CO2 emissions of your cargo transported.

    g. Insurance: Obtain information regarding cargo transfer policies.

    h. Time and Weather: LAN CARGO offers local time and weather information of the main origin and destination cities.

  • Learn about the Domestic Routes

    Access the each Domestic Route section to obtain diverse   information necessary to transport your cargo with LAN CARGO and its affiliates, including Contacts, Products, Schedules, Fares, Fleet and Tools. Among these routes:

    a. Chile

    b. Argentina

    c. Peru

    d. Ecuador


  • Itineraries

    We invite you to review the Itinerary of Freighter flights. In addition, you will have access to the schedules of Passenger flights used by LAN CARGO and its affiliates to transport cargo.

  • Learn the Status of your shipment

    Use the E-tracking tool (online tracking)* to learn the status of your shipments in real time. To use this tool you must provide the air waybill number of the shipment.

    * Applicable only to international shipments.

  • How can I access LAN CARGO's Private Area?

    At LAN CARGO’s Private Area customers can Access their account, in addition to service details and sections, such as Onboard Freight Report, conduct an Advanced Search, and AWB Tracking and My Notifications.

    To create an account, please contact your sales representative.

  • How to make a reservation

    To make a reservation, contact your representative at the nearest LAN CARGO’s Office.

  • Need more information on LAN CARGO?

    Visit The Company section to obtain data about LAN CARGO including its History, Infrastructure, Fleet, SustainabilityFinancial Information, Annual ReportWork with us and Affiliated Companies.

  • Are you interested in learning more about LAN CARGO's offices?

    Learn more about LAN CARGO’s Offices and Drop Off Stations and obtain their respective addresses, phone numbers and emails.

  • Contact Us

    To better understand your needs and to maintain our standards of service, we invite you to send us your written InquiriesSuggestions and Claims.