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Products and Solutions


With a clear understanding of the importance of the transportation of Pharmaceutical products, LAN CARGO designed a service that maximizes the time the shipment is maintained in the cold chain, allowing optimal conditions for these products. 

In addition, LAN CARGO offers the option to transport Pharmaceutical products in containers with active temperature control.

 Available Products

LAN CARGO offers a specialized service for managing "passive" shipments of Pharmaceutical products*: "PHARMA 2 to 8°C", "PHARMA 15 to 25°C" and "PHARMA 2 to 25ºC". The general characteristics of the products are: 

• Procedures in accordance with the guidelines of Chapter 17 of the IATA.

• Declaration of temperature range on the Air Waybill.

• Recording of time and temperature at critical points of transportation.

• Trained staff in the handling of Pharmaceuticals.

• Procedures for continuous improvement to ensure the highest quality.

• Temperature control inside the aircraft.

* Note: Currently, the PHARMA products are only available for:

From To Product
Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) Santiago de Chile (SCL) Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE) Campinas, Brazil (VCP) All
Amsterdam, Holland Santiago de Chile (SCL) Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE) Campinas, Brazil (VCP) Cabo Frio, Brazil (CFB) All


Pharmaceuticals that are not shipped in active temperature controlled containers must be adequately packed to resist external temperatures where it cannot be controlled.

For more information on the features of this product, please contact your local LAN CARGO Office.