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Press Release


Grupo LATAM Airlines inicia la construcción de su nuevo hangar en el Aeropuerto Internacional de Miami

LATAM Airlines Group Breaks Ground on New Maintenance Hangar Facility at Miami International Airport

New maintenance hangar represents a $15 million dollar investment.

LAN CARGO, an affiliate of LATAM Airlines Group, S.A. and part of South America’s largest airline group comprised of LAN Airlines and its affiliates and TAM Airlines, officially broke ground today on a new 98,242-square-foot state of the art maintenance hangar facility at Miami International Airport. The hangar will be LATAM Airlines Group’s first maintenance hangar in the United States. The project represents an investment of more than $15 million dollars and is estimated to create more than 300 new direct and indirect jobs in the first five years, further increasing LATAM Airline Group’s participation and commitment to economic growth in Miami-Dade County and the State of Florida.

 “For LATAM Airlines Group, investing in a sustainable presence that benefits the economies and communities where our employees and customers live and work is a priority,” said Cristian Ureta, CEO LAN CARGO, an affiliate of LATAM Airlines Group.

The new facility includes state of the art design, technology, and meets the highest standards of environmental compliance. The innovative roof design with the tail cupola will accommodate Boeing 777-300 and Airbus A350 size aircraft, and still meet the applicable structure height requirements.


“Miami-Dade County is the gateway to the Americas and we are proud to be strategically expanding our operation and presence at Miami International Airport,” said Fernando Poitevin, COO, LAN CARGO, an affiliate of LATAM Airlines Group.

New Maintenance Hangar in Miami

The new LATAM Airlines Group maintenance hangar will be located in the cargo zone at Miami International Airport, on the lot where building 715 previously stood, prior to its demolition by Miami-Dade County. The facility will have a surface area of 66,500-square-feet, with 17,000-square-feet of warehouse and workshop space, as well as 14,500-square-feet of designated space for administrative offices, mechanical rooms, spare parts storage, and other related use.

The facility will significantly increase the maintenance capabilities to serve the cargo and passenger aircraft maintenance needs of LAN, TAM and its affiliates. Maintenance services such as daily checks, A-checks, engine changes, major repairs, and component changes shall be conducted on site and it will also serve as storage for aircraft spare parts, components and engines to support such maintenance services.

South Florida based companies Lemartec Engineering and Construction Corporation and architecture firm Perez & Perez Architects and Planners have been engaged for the design and construction of the project.

Local and State Support

Florida Governor Rick Scott said, “I congratulate LATAM Airlines Group on the expansion of its maintenance facility in Miami-Dade County. Because of our efforts to promote Florida’s economy in other countries, this expansion was made possible. There will be over 300 new jobs for Florida families because of LATAM Airlines Group’s expansion at Miami International Airport.”

This project would not have been possible without the close partnerships of economic development organizations and local, as well as state government support. They include, but are not limited to, Enterprise Florida, the Beacon Council, the Florida Department of Transportation, Miami-Dade County Aviation Department, CareerSource Florida, Inc. and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

The State of Florida is home to more than 2,000 aerospace and aviation companies employing over 87,000 workers across the state. Florida has been the undisputed air traffic hub of the Western Hemisphere, a major hub for flight training and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations, and home to leading manufacturers of all types of aircraft and aircraft components. In addition, Miami International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and the 2012 airport rankings named Miami International Airport as the leading airport in the United States for international freight.

“MIA has enjoyed a strong business relationship with LATAM Airlines Group and its affiliates for many years, so we’re thrilled they have chosen to build their very first U.S. maintenance hangar facility at our airport,” said Miami-Dade Aviation Director Emilio T. González. “This project is a major economic enhancement for MIA and Miami-Dade County as a whole, with $15 million in capital investment and hundreds of jobs generated.”

President and CEO of Enterprise Florida, Gray Swoope, said, “With Florida being the No. 2 state in the nation for aviation, companies like LAN CARGO benefit from the industry’s resources. This expansion adds to Florida’s extensive aviation industry and strengthens the state’s position as the Gateway to Latin America. Florida’s strong workforce, supportive infrastructure and favorable tax climate make it the best state for business. I look forward to LAN CARGO’s continued success throughout our state.”

LATAM Airlines Group in South Florida

LATAM Airlines Group affiliate LAN CARGO’s global headquarters is based in Miami, Florida, home to the leading airport in the United States and ninth in the world for international freight, making it a strategic location for the Company’s cargo operations to and from Latin America. LAN CARGO and its affiliates are projected to transport over 4,500 tons of cargo imports and 3,500 tons of cargo exports through Miami International Airport (MIA) per week, totaling an approximate projection of over 414,000 tons of cargo for 2014 alone. The Company employs a workforce of nearly 1,400 people in Miami-Dade County.

LAN CARGO and its cargo related companies – MAS AIR in Mexico, LAN CARGO Colombia, and TAM Cargo in Brazil – use freighter aircraft and passenger belly space to transport cargo, making them the largest group of air cargo operators in Latin America. With the leading cargo network in the region, the companies offer services to 134 destinations in 23 countries around the world.

An average of over 150 passenger and cargo flights from LATAM Airlines Group and its affiliates take off from MIA each week. LATAM Airlines Group transports over 900,000 passengers per year from Miami to over 114 destinations in South America; in 2014, the Group projects to transport over one million passengers from Miami to South America.

Prensa colombiana recorre la Ruta de las Flores - Colombian press covers the Flower Route

Colombian press covers the Flower Route

The route began in Bogotá at The Elite Flower farm and LAN CARGO Colombia facilities, ending in Miami with the receiving and distribution process.

Within the Mothers Day season, five Colombian journalists were invited by LAN CARGO to explore the Flower Route.

The activity began in Bogotá, Colombia with a visit to one of the countries largest farms: The Elite Flower. Here they were able to appreciate the flower cultivation, detail and care, sale and preparation of bouquets according to customer requests.

The visit continued to the LAN CARGO Colombia facility at theEl Dorado Airport. With 6,000 m2 in total, the company has a cold room of 2,400 m2, 3,400 m2 for dry cargo and 200 m2 as office space. Here, the journalists were able to see the process of receiving the flowers, their conservation in the cold cellar and their loading onto planes starting the distribution.

They had the opportunity to talk to Pablo Canales, director of LAN CARGO Colombia, who explained the importance of transport of flowers to the company; projections for this year; the care that requires the handling of this product; among other topics relating to the flower market.

After this, the group traveled to Miami to see the load receiving process and its distribution. During the visit they toured the facilities of 51,000 m2 that LAN CARGO has at the city airport, one of the main distribution hubs in the world, and boarded a Boeing 777 F, the cargo aircraft with most capacity that the company holds.

In addition, a meeting was held withFernando Poitevin, Chief Operating Officer LAN CARGO, who explained the structure and operation of the business after the partnership with Brazilian TAM was performed; the strategic operation in Miami; company's expertise in handling all types of cargo, especially perishable; and importance of the flower market in the United States.

The route ended at a flower shop in the city, thus completing the cycle of production, transportation and distribution.

With over seven thousand hectares, Colombia is one of the leading exporters of flowers in Latin America and floriculture a key part of its economy, becoming its first non-traditional agricultural export. Most of the production is sent to Miami, where they are distributed to the various cities in the United States and the rest of the world.

LAN CARGO invita a sus clientes de Guatemala a Miami - LAN CARGO invites its guests from Guatemala to Miami

LAN CARGO invites its guests from Guatemala to Miami

In early April, LAN CARGO, invited six major company clients from the blackberry industry to Miami.

The group consisted of representatives of CODITER and DHL, the leading cargo agents transporting the product; and three producers and marketers.

The guests were accompanied by Gaston Delaporte, Director of LAN CARGO Ecuador and Central America, Maria Fernanda Serrado, Consignee Sales Northern South America and Central America, and Laura Rojas, Head of Commercial Operations and Service Northern South America and Central America.

During their stay in Miami, the guests visited LAN CARGO, becoming acquainted with the operation, procedures and handling of cargo. In addition, they dined at the Standard Hotel and  the Novocento on Brickell, and enjoyed a boat ride around the bay.

This trip was intended to strengthen relationships with the customers, celebrate the excellent berry season of 2013, and for this year have them return to transport their product with LAN CARGO.

The blackberry season occurs between July and September. During 2013, LAN CARGO transported 1,300 tons and has a similar projection for this present year.

The customers made a very good impression of the work, handling and performance of the operation by the company, in addition to being happy and grateful of the prepared activities.

Intermodal 2014

TAM Cargo marks presence at the South America Intermodal Fair

In this 20th version, the company introduced its investment plan and    received nearly a thousand people at its stand, conditioned with four    meeting rooms to cater to customers.

In Sao Paulo, between April 1 and 3, took place the South America Intermodal Fair, the largest and most important trade fair in Latin America for the areas of logistics, freight and foreign trade.

At the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo around 600 exhibiting brands from over 20 different countries met, including TAM Cargo, one of the companies of the Cargo Unit LATAM Airlines Group.

Held every year, 2014 celebrated its 20th version receiving over 50,000 visitors from all over the world, including the TAM Cargo team and representatives from all offices of LAN CARGO.

This year, the TAM Cargo booth had four meeting rooms so customers could converse with executives, raise doubts and design new business plans from the large network and range of products and services offered by the company. In the three day activity around 1,000 visits were received at the stand, surpassing the previous years' call.

In this opportunity, TAM Cargo presented its investment plan focused on the infrastructure improvements it has in other cities of the country.

For Pablo Navarrete, CEO of TAM Cargo, the company's presence at this event is extremely important, because "it is an excellent opportunity to strengthen our networks, and show the benefits and wide connectivity of our enterprise to potential clients, project new businesses and also know where the industry is at. We are able to share with 600 exhibitors and attract a target audience of 50 thousand visitors, which forces us to be at the forefront in offering products and services".


The projection of TAM Cargo

One of the objectives of the company was to present the investment plan that will strengthen its leadership in the country and continue to grow.


Oriented to growth and improvement of the load infrastructure for the domestic grid, TAM Cargo expects to realize this 2014 a total investment of $20 million dollars, strengthening the operation of its main hubs: Brasilia, Manaos, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, plus another 20 terminals the company has in the country.

LAN CARGO transporta 36 motores para los pescadores de Iquique - LAN CARGO transports 36 engines for fishermen of Iquique

LAN CARGO transports 36 engines for fishermen of Iquique

in conjunction with Desafío Levantemos Chile and Bank of Chile, LAN CARGO participated in the transport of this important aid to the fishermen of Riquelme Coast.

These were 2,200 kilos of aid as part of the social responsibility program of LAN CARGO, Avión Solidario.

Following the earthquake that struck northern Chile and the tsunami that swept the boats of Iquique, the fishermen of Caleta Riquelme were one of the groups most affected by this natural disaster.


Because of this, Desafío Levantemos Chile(in English, Challenge Lets Lift Chile)  in partnership with the Bank of Chile, who donated 50 million Chilean pesos, bought 36 engines so the fishermen could resume their work before Easter. These 2,200 kilos of aid were transported to Iquique by LAN CARGO, as part of its social responsibility program, Avión Solidario (Solidarity Airplane).


A group of volunteers from Desafío Levantemos Chile, accompanied by its Executive Director, Pablo Schuster, arrived to the Santiago domestic cargo terminal airport the evening of Friday, April 4. Together with the operations team of LAN CARGO, they lowered the engines from the truck, which would then be inspected and prepared to board the Boeing 767 scheduled to leave the next morning to Iquique, at 7:00 am.

The engines were delivered on Sunday, April 6th at 12:00 hrs, in a ceremony at Caleta Riquelme.  Participating were area authorities, fishermen, team Desafío Levantemos Chile  headed by Pablo Schuster, executive director, and Askkan Wohlt, campaign leader as well as Ricardo Lazo, Chief of Regional Operations Chile, and Sergio Sáez, Supervisor for Iquique both of LAN CARGO.


"At LAN CARGO we are very pleased that we have been chosen to be part of this great initiative. Thanks to the coordination of our teams and through our Avión Solidario, we are able to be present and share with you today. We are going through tough times as a region, but these situations make us come together and rise to move forward, "said Ricardo Lazo.

To support mainly the reconstruction and artisanal fishermen who have lost their boats, the account Desafío Levantamos Chile No. 98027-07 was enabled, to channel donations from anywhere in the country. To access the account go to

Terremoto 8,2 Llegada y entrega motores from Desafio TV on Vimeo.