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See rates for the Domestic Routes in Chile.


Available for International shipments landing in Santiago, Chile that and needingto be transshipped to other domestic destinations.

Additional Charges

  • 10% of the cost of the freight value for shipments payable at destination upon receipt(Collect).
  • The fuel surcharge for cargo on passenger aircraft applies according to the following chart based on the of distances between the city of origin and destination of the shipment:

0 to 399 Km = CLP$ 0 per Chw

400 to 999 Km = CLP$ 80 per Chw

1000Km or more = CLP$ 130 per Chw

Download chart

  • Rental of crate for the transportation of live animal:
    • Large crate: CLP$ 38,000 + VAT
    • Medium crate: CLP$ 28,000 + VAT
    • Small crate: CLP$ 16,000 + VAT
  • Charge for transportation of dangerous goods (MMPP): 10% of the net value of the cargo + VAT.
  • CLP$ 350 + VAT for each air document issued.

    Public rates are valid till 2015 March.