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Consolidated Chile Seguros Generales S.A., offers a convenient insurance plan for LAN Cargo's customers indemnifying the insured for loss or material damage to cargo, that is insured during transportation by air from the place of origin to the destination.

Policy of Insured Shipping Value

1.- General Policy Conditions

Insurable Items:

  • Fresh Fish.
  • Fresh Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers.
  • General merchandise.

Required Packaging:

  • Fresh Fish must be packaged in polyethylene with dry ice and/or with ice shavings.
  • Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, and Flowers must be packaged in cardboard.
  • In general, the goods being transported must be appropriately packaged in order to be insurable. The definition of appropriate packaging differs depending on the cargo being transported.

Excluded Items:

  • Gold.
  • Silver.
  • Cash.
  • Bonds, checks and other valuable documents.
  • Works of art.
  • Live animals.
  • Fishmeal.
  • Explosives.
  • Containers.
  • Flammable items.
  • Personal effects.
  • Used cargo.

Other items that the Insurance expressly excludes include:

  • Claims for damages and/or loss caused by electrical and/or mechanical malfunction after receipt of the cargo. 
  • Damages and/or losses caused by rust, oxidation and gradual deterioration in the absence of an accident covered by this policy. For clothing, fabrics and the like, losses and/or damages caused by wrinkles, tearing, creases and marks from packaging bands are expressly excluded.

In case of damage to the insured item, the insured is obliged to take all necessary measures to preserve the remains of the cargo, which should be made available to LAN CARGO in the condition they are found. The coverage requires obtaining written permission from the company and/or the liquidator prior to disposing of the remains of the cargo or its replacement.

Geographical Limitations of Insurance

  • To and from the place indicated in the Air Waybill, with a maximum of 500 kilometers in case ground transportation is involved.

Expansion of Coverage:

  • From airport to airport. 


  • The fixed rate of this insurance corresponds to 0.13% of the value of the merchandise.


  • 10% of the loss with a minimum of U.S. $ 250 (in the case of perishables).
  • 0.5% of the loss with a minimum of U.S. $ 150 (in case of general cargo).


2.- Special Conditions of the Policy

Valuation of Goods

Cargo exported under free consignment sales or consignment with minimum warranted price, shall be insured in the amount declared by each shipper prior to the start of each shipment.

This amount will provide the basis for the calculation of compensation that may be required in compliance to the policy, unless that amount exceeds the market price at the destination for the goods, in which case the latter value will be considered for calculation purposes.

Goods exported under the form of unconditional sale, shall be insured on the CIF value of these items, plus an optional 10% for verifiable expenses.

The airline may verify the invoice of goods shipped, as well as the contents of packages, prior to shipment.

How can you insure your shipment? 

It is solely the customer's responsibility to request and pay for the insurance. If the customer does not request and pay for the insurance, the shipment will not be covered by insurance. When insuring the shipment, it is required to indicate the insured value in  "Amount of Insurance" box on the face of the airwaybill. The insurance premium is calculated based on the amount therein indicated.

For Example:

Insured Value US$ 10,000. -

Premium US$ 13. -

What to do in case of damage, shortage or a missing shipment?

Processing a Claim

If the shipment arrives damaged or in shortage or if the shipment is missing, the insured must notify the carrier immediately with the required information available, in order to coordinate an inspection of the shipment. In addition, the receiver must indicate in writing to the carrier the amount of loss, in case of, and attach the respective supporting documentation, as well as detail the circumstances of the incident. You must also attach a copy of the airwaybill.

Inspectors and/or Surveyors

It is necessary to perform an inspection of the shipment that has been affected in order to verify the possible losses, damages or shortages. The costs of this inspection are the responsibility of the shipper or consignee, notwithstanding that this value is then refundable, together with payment of the loss, in the case that any coverage exists.

Final Settlement of Claim

The case and supporting documentation will be forwarded to insurance adjusters appointed by the insurance company for that matter, who take into account the value insured and the claim.  They are responsible for liquidating it as appropriate. Therefore, if the claim is accredited and is covered by the policy, the customer will be compensated based on the insured value or proportion thereof.

If you would like more information about this service, please contact LAN CARGO's Office.