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Lan Lancargo Idiomas Lan Lancargo Idiomas

This is the Lan Lancargo Idiomas portlet.



Products and Solutions

Special Solutions

LAN CARGO offers air transportation services for all types of shipments, including: 

Valuable Merchandise

Consists of shipments of precious metals, currency, or jewelry, among others. LAN CARGO coordinates and implements the necessary security measurements for the transportation of these shipments.

Oversized Cargo

LAN CARGO, is an expert handling large or difficult to handle shipments.  The Company's airport team hasthe flexibility and skill for each operation.


LAN CARGO offers solutions for the transportation of a product mail which requires special processes, documentation and maximum priority at the time of shipment. 

Human Remains

LAN CARGO has the expertise to transport Human Remains, offering quick and efficient service. Solutions for your exact needs are available.

Please contact your local LAN CARGO Office for more information on these special arrangements.